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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Carsters - Coasters for your car!

Do you like to "drink" and drive? Of course, I'm not talking alcoholic drinks! But, I am willing to bet that the average American, driver or passenger, has some type of drink in the car with them most of the time. Why else would the car manufactures install cup holders throughout the vehicle?

Now for the big question.... do you get those annoying, messy drips in your cup holder?  Of course you do! Well, here's the solution... the Carster!

Carsters are coasters for your cup holders! They are absorbent stoneware coasters that soak up the annoying, messy drips from drinks in your cup holders.  Carsters are versatile and functional, designed to fit most cup holders in cars, trucks, SUV's, baby strollers and even golf carts.

So go ahead, get some carsters for all of your vehicle's cup holder and enjoy your drink while you drive!

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